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Mini Mac Mini Rant

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I’ve had my little Mac Mini for a couple of months now and whilst I love its slender form, its quiet sound and glorious OS X, I am struggling not to throw it in the trash. Why would I do such a thing? Its too damn slow.
Having used high-spec PCs all the time I was prepared to trade some difference in performance for the joy of returning to OS X, and all the other Mac goodness. But its hard to enjoy when it taks so long to get to it. I have Thunderbird and Firefox running all the time, switching from one to the other takes 20 to 90 seconds, just to bring the window to focus. Lord help me if I have anything else running at the same time

I had some photos to resize yesterday. It was such an ordeal waiting for the photo editing software to launch that it was quickler to email me the pictures, start my business PC, get the mail, edit them in Photoshop Elements, upload them to the walmart photo centre for printing and shut the PC down. When the photo software finally loaded, it didn’t even have a resize option(!). I thought the Mac was supposed to be good for media manipulation.

I shall try upgrading the memory to a Gb and see how much that helps. If I don’t see much improvement I may be going back to Windoze for my daily chores.

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May 29th, 2006 at 12:32 pm

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