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Mac Mini Memory Upgrade

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I’ve had the Mac Mini for a few months and continually complain about how slow it is. So, before it goes in the trash I thought I’d give a memory upgrade a try. The standard 512MB really isn’t much these days and I read that the video card takes almost half of that so the apps don’t stand much of a chance.

I ordered 2GB of RAM off ebay for $160 and researched how to do the install. Its actually pretty easy if you follow the great instructions found at this link. It is hard to get the case off, no doubt but a good putty knife will see to it just fine. Also, a tiny Philips head screwdriver is required and make sure its magnetic, getting the screws back in is a real pain if its not.

Too early to say what kind of difference it has made but I think it will be obviously better. A couple of pictures on my flickr site.

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August 21st, 2006 at 8:42 pm

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