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I’m really not cut out for hotel living, I don’t like the personal attention one gets and at this hotel it is like there is 10 staff for each guest. Everywhere you go there are people in uniform bowing, asking if you need something or just hovering. I’d much rather be left alone and go find someone if I need somebody.

Went to one of the Chinese restaurants in the hotel last night, I was the only customer so the staff were falling overthemselves to look after me. I know there are some who would feel good about that but it just made me more and more uncomfortable. It didn’t help that one of them was a young Japanese lady who was just beautiful and I don’t know if she had taken a shine to me, or was just bored because she would come and stand a few feet away from my table and just wait. At one point some spare ribs came my way and as I started eating she gave a big smile and literally ran from the restaurant. I wondered what on earth was happening but several seconds later she was back with some toothpicks, and a proud smile on her face. Yes, I know it is odd that I choose to feel uncomfortable when a beautiful Japanese girl is giving me such attention.

I put my clothes in for laundry service yesterday. As expected everything came back ironed and folded like it never has been since the day it was made. The t-shirts even had tissue paper in the folds, and everything was vacuum-packed. I was a little disappointed that the boxer shorts weren’t individually wrapped but they were ironed and folded. One week’s laundry – $60. Another reason I am not cut out for hotel living.

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October 24th, 2006 at 5:10 pm

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