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US Media Hypocrites

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I never had much faith in the US media before I came to the US but the more I view it the less respect I have for it. Take the latest video of the marine ‘executing’ a terroist. Ok, its not a nice thing to have happen but its a war and these things happen. Compare this with a ‘news’ program at the weekend discussing the new ‘beheading’ video being sold by the Virgin recordstore. The presenter was clearly outraged that such a thing exists and certainly would never show such a thing – so how come its ok to show the US marine over and over again. The host for the ‘beheading’ video was superb, dealt with the presenter with great skill but made one great point: people should see the videos that terrorists make of beheadings and other executions/terror, then the true context of the marine ‘execution’ will be understood. But the US media would rather let everyone think that the terrorists are the good guys in all this. Thank heaven for the BBC News

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November 16th, 2004 at 8:45 am

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