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Wildfires 2

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I’m still in San Diego though will leave for home in a short while, my office has now been closed for the rest of the week. It’s somewhat surreal to be part of this disaster and at the same time not to be. Other than a smoky coloured haze and some light ash falling from the sky you would not know that there are/were fires just a few miles away. I’ve read complaints of difficulty breathing but I’ve noticed no such symptom here. Even walking around the zoo yesterday, I felt nothing.

Was at Montgomery Field yesterday hoping to see the City helicopter at work but it was absent. While there, a convoy of military police humvees arrived and organised into missions. Many of them rookies, I think, as they had to be reminded to not leave their guns in the vehicles when they went to the latrine.

Still no fire-fighting birds in the air and that is amazing. Three San Diego congressmen had to spend hours on the phone with the head of CalFire to persuade him to allow military helicopters to help. Wtf?! Why isn’t the guy asking for everyone with a Cessna and a bucket to take to the sky (ok, slight exaggeration)? News 8’s special investigator says it is because there are private contractor buddies who CalFire wants to do the aerial drops – there are profits to be made, even when people are losing their homes. Unbelievable.

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October 24th, 2007 at 8:27 am

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