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Wildfires 3

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  • During the Cedar Fire 4 years ago we got a day of smoky air, brown and smelly but so far we’ve had none of that with these fires, which seems kind of odd. Maybe with the winds shifted it will come out way? Not that I am complaining if it does not.
  • Wednesday night we got a flat tyre (on the Camry) on the outskirts of Westmorland and while waiting for AAA we could see what looked like a huge flare up in the fires over the mountains to the west. We looked 10 minutes later and it was gone. Very odd.
  • Not being a smoker I don’t understand the addiction but it beats me how with all the bad air in San Diego during the week I saw plenty of people still lighting up. Yeah, we’re being told the air is unhealthy (or unhealthful as ABC news was saying), full of smoke, but a ciggy still hits the spot.

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October 26th, 2007 at 8:45 am

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