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Dear reader, I know the reason you come here is to learn more of my oh-so-correct opinions on important matters. So… here are a couple….

Watched some of the opening of the British Parliament on C-Span last night (yeah, my life is real exciting) and I enjoyed being reminded that no one does pomp and circumstance like the Brits. But what gives with the Lord Chamberlain turning his back on the Queen after giving her the speech? There were times when that would have meant ‘off with his head’.

I love The Amazing Race, its easily the best reality show on TV, but this season’s teams seem a little contrived. What’s up with all the models – is this the only way for pretty boys and girls to get assignments these days? And I know we all watch for the conflict but in previous seasons, tension developed during the race, some of the guys in this Race seem to be in it for trouble from the get-go, to the point where it seems staged (a scripted reality show – no way!). I’ll still be watching it, if only for the two sisters, but wouldn’t it be nice if next show they had some teams where the women were the jerks and the men were the ones saying “she really is a nice person, they just get this way when they are stressed”.

Finally, the NBA Brawl. I can’t believe how ESPN, team coaches etc are defending the players for their behaviour. One of the players said that if he was walking down the street and throw a cup at someone he expected to get hit. That might be true but I am sure he would also expect to have that guy thrown in jail, whereas here the players are saying they can be justified in hitting fans. Apparantly we don’t know the pressures they are under – I disagree, the man walking down the street, probably wondering how he will be able to afford to retire, pay off student loans etc is under much more pressure than someone earning $6M a year. Another player said he plays for the team, he doesn’t care what the fans think of him. You need to wake up – you play for the fans because they are the ones who make the team money, and the team is not there for the glory of the game, its there to make people rich. Perhaps 20 years ago it was different but today all I see is a bunch of whiny egos who care about nothing but themselves. I hope Artest and the others (including guilty fans) spend a little time in a jail to think about that.

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November 24th, 2004 at 8:40 am

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