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Fraud Update 2

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So first let me retract the scumbag remark, NM Online is actually the internet department of Neiman Marcus and they were very helpful on the phone. They did some research on the spot and it appears I am the victim of a very common scam.

Russian companies advertise in local newspapers for ‘reshippers’. The scumbag Russians use stolen credit cards to buy goods that are shipped to the reshipper. The reshipper forwards them onto Moscow for resale. NM called the reshipper that received ‘my’ goods and confirmed this is exactly what he had been doing. However, in this instance the reshipper thought something was dodgy pretty early on and kept many of the packages and NM believe they will retrieve most of the goods that were bought with my card. Anything outstanding will be a chargeback by BankOne so I won’t be out of pocket at all.

One real interesting thing: NM called my card company before shipping to verify my address in S. Carolina and it was confirmed. So I called BankOne to ask them how my address got changed. They said it looked like it had been done via a post office change of address notification. Now thats very scary that it can be that simple.

Keep a close eye on your accounts, people.

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November 19th, 2004 at 3:25 pm

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