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Going Phishing

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I pride myself on having never fallen victim to a computer virus or email scam but I came close to believing a phishing email at the weekend.

The email claimed to be from ebay, the headers were so good that Eudora filed the email in my Ebay folder. It said that they had recently been unable to verify my details and would I click on the link to provide them again. My first thought was to laugh, yeah right someone wants my details. But the URL looked good in the email, and the actual URL behind the link was the same and in the back of my mind was the fact that perhaps my now-closed credit card had been on file with them. So I thought I would click and see where it took me.

First thing that happened is Firefox popped up a window warning me that although the address in the URL was, I was actually being taken to a different site and did I still want to go there – score one for Firefox!! I bet Internet Explorer wouldn’t have caught that. Knowing for sure I was being phished I said yes, just to see how good the fake page would be. But instead of getting a page I was prompted to save or execute a dll!! Well, I certainly wasn’t going to do that so I cancelled the link and had a little laugh that I almost, only just, but almost got suckered.

If you’re worried about phishing scams read this page for some sound advice.

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November 29th, 2004 at 10:03 am

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