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More Crappy Customer Service

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db has been posting about some customer service issues recently (no link cos I know you already read it) and I thought this was too amusing not to post.

A guy I work with has Time Warner Cable for his internet and for the last couple of days he says that their mail server’s time is off by an hour and 27 minutes, so his mail has the wrong timestamp. TWC lets you chat to a customer representative online and he sent me his transcript. It’s a little long so you can see it after the break. Anyone want to bet that RadleyH isn’t a real person?

RadleyH: Hello! Thank you for choosing Road Runner Internet Technical Chat. My name is Radley H. How may I assist you?
Jim: the time on the web mail server is wrong
Jim: off by 1 hour, 27 minutes (fast)
Jim: been like this for over 2 days now
RadleyH: I’m more than happy to assist you. To resolve your issue we will need to perform some troubleshooting steps together, and I’ll be running some tests on my end. Feel free to ask questions along the way.

Before we begin, please provide the following four pieces of information for security check and to verify your account:

Jim: now, waht about changing the time?
Jim: hello?
Jim: hey
Jim: what are you doing?
RadleyH: Yes, I am here
Jim: this is a simple request
RadleyH: Thank you for the information, Jim
Jim: I send mail. the time is 1 hour 27 minutes fast
RadleyH: I was pulling up your account details from my database
Jim: it’s messing up my sort-by-time in my email agent
Jim: doesn’t have anything to do with my account
RadleyH: Your session ID is ————-
Jim: your web mail server’s time is off
Jim: ugh
Jim: I see Time warner has found yet another way to waste my time and provide terrible customer service
Jim: congrats
RadleyH: Jim, I understand that Web Mail server time is offset by 1 hour and 27 minutes . Am I correct?
Jim: I hope so
RadleyH: Thank you for confirming, I will certainly look into this

Jim: if you send mail right now, it’ll say something like 12:15 on it
RadleyH: Webmail URL:
Jim: what’s the link for?
RadleyH: Please check if you are able to login to Web Mail using the above link
Jim: I know what it is, otherwise I wouldn’t know about the problem
Jim: yup
RadleyH: Did you login to Web Mail?
Jim: v=standard
Jim: I am logged in NOW
Jim: and have been all morining
Jim: I’m not an idiot you know
RadleyH: 1 Login to Web Mail
2. Select Settings
3. Select General
4. Time Zone
RadleyH: Please follow the above steps to configure Web Mail Time Stamp
Jim: Just check the web server’s time, please.
Jim: it will stop wasting both of our time
Jim: no
Jim: it is not a time zone problem
RadleyH: Let me know when completed above steps
Jim: the server’s time is WRONG
Jim: you’re wasting my time
Jim: it is alreadyt he correct time zone (LA).
Jim: what about that do you not understand?
RadleyH: I do understand, Jim
Jim: yes, well, please fix it then, huh?
RadleyH: Did you complete the above steps?
Jim: this is not a hard thing
Jim: yes
Jim: it is not a client config problem
Jim: it is a server setting problem. The server’s current, internal clock is WRONG
Jim: if you don’t believe me, send a mail using it to yourself and see that the time is off.
Jim: please let me know when you’ve done that.
RadleyH: Please visit –
RadleyH: . Please open the webpage in your Web Browser
RadleyH: Please select Click here to reload the site
RadleyH: Let me know when done
Jim: no
RadleyH: Did you try the above link?
Jim: you’re wasting my time.
Jim: ok, let me make it real easy for you:
Jim: your web mail server has the wrong time set.

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