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Trying out Thunderbird

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It seems like the right time to do it… the Thunderbirds movie is out, and my mail app for the last 8 years, Eudora, keeps crashing when a message has in-line graphics. Further, it likes to put email from potential customers of the business in the Junk folder without me seeing them. I’ve emailed support but all they can tell me is to put the incoming email addresses in my address book. Well, er, I don’t know who these people are before they email me so how the !@%!@ am I supposed to do that?

I’ve already made the switch from Internet Explorer to Firefox with a fair bit of success, so now I’m going to try the email client, Thunderbird. Initially I’ll just use it for the business email but if it looks like a success then Eudora will be history.

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August 5th, 2004 at 5:57 pm

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