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Never Never Again

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I’ve built quite a few PCs in my time and after every one I say “never again” and yet still I am lured by the promise of a cheap machine in exchange for an hour of construction. But it never is an hour, if the machine starts at all, there will be a problem with memory, or if not, the drivers won’t work with the OS etc etc.

My most recent machine built without problem but I discovered that the motherboard was so cheap that the CPU was running real slow, and this machine was going to be my main video compression platform. So I bought a new mobo but destroyed the CPU trying to get it out. Now I have a new CPU (P4 3.2GHz) in the new mobo and the damn thing doesn’t boot into the BIOS, but isn’t giving any errors.

Next time I’m just buying a G5.

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August 10th, 2004 at 10:43 am

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