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Trade Your Password for Theatre Tickets?

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Every year at the Infosecurity Europe conference, the organisers try to get the pulse of the local population by seeing how easy it is to coax their secret password information from them. Previous years had 70% of the respondents giving up their information for chocolate, this year it was theatre tickets.

Of 200 people who were surveyed in London on their thoughts about theatre:

  • 100% provided their names upon request
  • 94% provided pet’s names (common passwords) and their mother’s maiden name (common second form of authentication) when told actors frequently use both to create stage names
  • 98% gave their address in order to receive a winning voucher.
  • 96% divulged the name of their first school.
  • 92% provided their date of birth and the same number supplied their home phone number

What good is spending $thousands on security when people give it up this easily!

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March 28th, 2005 at 1:44 pm